How social media is growing in 2016

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April 28, 2016 Social Media No comments

Social media is growing day by day and millions of people are active users of social media. The popularity of social media sites varies depending upon the level of usage and demographics so it is very important to understand this difference especially when you are targeting specific audiences. If you want to compare the most popular social networks then you must review them by their account usage, and the number of user accounts.

Social media is growing very fast and now you will see that everyone knows that how to make an account on facebook and how to use it. Here in this article, I am going to give you the social media stats of 2016. These stats compare the social networks use and engagement of users on various networks. According to the research, more than 40,000 users increased this year. It is interesting to see that how people are diverting towards social media usage and responding so fast. According to the reports, these have been as the increase of 17% mobile users particularly in social networks and more traffic comes from Asia pacific where the internet users are high, more active and they increased 14% as compared to last year. When we are looking at the world internet users then we cannot ignore the markets of East Asia and south Asia. In these countries, digital opportunities are increasing and people are diverting towards the internet. According to the reports 10 years ago only 7% of the US population was using social networks but nowadays the usage has increased up to 10 folds and now 76% of Americans use one or more networking sites. This shows an enormous growth in social media. When we talk about the age groups then young people of ages 13 to 45 use more internet but the people of age 50 to 63, the use has not increased since 2013. According to the statistics, Facebook is not growing at that rate as it was growing previously but it doesn’t affect the position of Facebook because it is still the number 1 and most popular microblogging site. The use of Instagram has been increased enormously.

We cannot ignore the importance of Google plus and YouTube. Google plus and twitter are other platforms which are used by people. But the popularity of Google plus is lower as compared to twitter. According to the countries usage Indonesians, Philippines, Mexicans, Indians, and Brazilians are the top nations which use these micro blogging sites. When we talk about the growth of networks then we notice that Pinterest, linkedIn, Tumblr and Instagram experience highest growth rate. So it clearly indicates that if you are not using these networks then you are missing a clear opportunity.  When we see the social insights of 2016 then it clearly indicates that young people are more inclined towards these microblogging sites as compared to the middle age people and it shows that social media networks are giving a huge number of opportunities to the young users. The usage of Tumblr and Instagram is highest and they are the most popular networks among young age people.